• Start IB-exams

    Start IB-exams

    Margot Hemminga is our only exam candidate this year. She has been studying very hard and is well prepared. So we are confident she will ace them all! We wish her the best on her exams!

  • Start schooljaar 2015/2016 Bas Bouwlust

    Start schooljaar 2015/2016 Bas Bouwlust

    Zondag 23 augustus 2015 start het nieuwe schooljaar.
    Alle kinderen en hun ouders, familie en vrienden zijn van harte welkom op de opening van het nieuwe schooljaar. Vanaf 17:00 uur een hapje en een drankje.

Why Bas Bouwlust

  • A safe home away from home for your children
  • All children have a room of their own
  • A diving holiday each year!
  • Good school results for everyone
  • Our chef is a star!

About Bas Bouwlust

Come and meet Bas! Bas Bouwlust.

We have been providing a home away from home for children in our spacious mansion in The Hague  for the past 28 years.

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