Last Saturday we went to amusement park Walibi.

The sun was shining, the kids were having fun, the rollercoasters were exciting, all in all a wonderfull day!

We had to wake up early in the morning, because we wanted to be in Walibi on time. After a long train and bus ride, we had finally arrived. The kids couln’t wait. After locking up our bags, we immediatly rushed towards the first ride: The Express! The day started off with an exciting and fun ride.

Afterwards the kids went into the park. All the attractions and rides were visited, from the merry-go-round to the Goliath. In the afternoon we all enjoyed some sandwiches together and all the rides were thouroughly discussed. After some (unsuccesfull) attempts to win souvenirs at the fair stalls, we all had some chips and drinks together. The last ride of the day was decided on, we would all do The Express again!

Afterwards we had a quiet ride back on the train. The kids were happy and tired. All in all a wonderfull day out with Bouwlust!