A solid, stable base for the children.

We maintain a grounded approach and form a solid, stable base for our children. This can be seen in all aspects of our care and ‘parenting’.

Daily routine

It is incredibly important for children to get enough rest. That way they can go to school full of energy and fully concentrated. For that reason, we place a great value on a good daily routine. The children are woken up in the morning so that they make it to school on time. They have set bedtimes. We make sure they are in bed in accordance with their curfews. This has become increasingly difficult with all the developments in mobile technology.


Eating well is at least as important as being well rested. A good meal is accompanied by a good conversation. We have breakfast and dinner with the children. Dinnertime provides everyone with the opportunity to discuss their day, school, friends and the news. At Bouwlust we prepare a variety of different meals ourselves, though the children are always welcome to help. This can be a good idea or a tasty new recipe, or by joining us in the kitchen. It is one of the reasons we have healthy and varied meals, with a nice hint of ‘Dutchness’ sprinkled on top.

Homework and supervision

We’re aware of the fact that doing homework is not always an easy task. Pupils perform better with proper supervision and even more so when it comes to doing and revising homework. Our tutors and supervisors help the pupils with planning, provide explanation for difficult subject matter and help with exercises and revision for tests. Our staff is always prepared to assist the children with their school work. Tutors will be called upon if the children have a hard time learning difficult subject matter and our staff is unable to provide the proper guidance.