We prepare children for the life of an independent, enterprising adult.

We take care of children who have lived abroad or in the tropics for a large part of their lives. They are often vulnerable to the rapid culture in the Netherlands. It is our job to make the children feel at home in the Netherlands and prepare them for the life of an independent, enterprising adult. This is done with the following things in mind:

It is our goal to guide and support children.

We want to be able to send them into the world as stable and open-minded people.

This is done with a grounded view on parenting:

On the one hand we offer security, safety and structure; on the other we offer freedom, space and independence to every individual.

In doing so we pay a lot of attention to the children and strive for an outstanding communication between parent, child and staff. We pay a lot of attention to academics and academic tutoring, with the children getting excellent help at our homework club. Through it all we never lose sight of the future or developments in society. We provide our children with guidance and advice, so they learn to handle these things responsibly.