A year at Bouwlust is incomplete without parties! Leidens Ontzet (Siege of Leiden), Sinterklaas and Christmas are celebrated at great length.

Heading into the city centre on King’s Day to check out the stalls or going to the fair during Leidens Ontzet is always a lot of fun.

The children prepare cleverly disguised gifts for each other for Sinterklaas. Accompany it with a good poem and you have the recipe for a hilarious evening. No one wants to miss out on the festivities, not even Sinterklaas and his Pieten. They pay a visit every year, without fail.

Christmas is celebrated in style with a lavish dinner party. The children all put on their best suit or dress and are treated to a delicious meal. Sometimes the children help out in the kitchen and show off their culinary skills, other times we may head out to a show or dine in a restaurant. Every year there is something new to make sure we have a fun Christmas with each other.

For many children at Bas Bouwlust, the pinnacle of the year is the Spring holiday. We all usually go abroad on an adventurous trip together. For example, one year we went diving off the coast of Egypt. Another year we went snowboarding in Austria. Everyone has the space to enjoy themselves in their own way. Whether it be an extra diving or snowboarding lesson, or simply just enjoying the sun and each other.