Throughout the year

We open our doors on the Sunday before the start of the school year. Parents and children have the whole day to furnish the rooms and say goodbye to each other. The official opening is Sunday afternoon at 17:00. Parents, children, family and friends can have a bite to eat and catch up on all the stories from the holidays. There is a buffet for all to enjoy and of course a small welcome speech.

At the end of the year we always organise a farewell barbecue. We celebrate the obtained diplomas and also say goodbye to those leaving to continue their studies in the Netherlands or abroad.

If the children need transport to or from the airport for a holiday, Bouwlust will arrange it. We take the children to the check-in. From there the younger children will be guided and supervised by the staff of the airline.

Day-to-day proceedings

In order to keep the year going smoothly, we make some arrangements with the parents and children. Of course the children have to be in bed on time, the older children having a later curfew than the younger ones. Everyone is allowed to stay up a little later at the weekend.

Keeping a tidy room is very important. There is housekeeping every morning to keep the rooms in pristine condition. The rooms have to be tidy however, otherwise it obstructs the housekeeping.

The children can provide their laundry on every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We will gladly do the rest.

We go over all the guidelines and house rules at the start of the year whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a treat.

During the day the children are at school, enjoying the company of friends as well as working hard at school. The children attend a variety of different schools in the area. Many of them choose the Rijnlands Lyceum International School in Oegstgeest. Attendance of different (international) school in the area is also a possibility.

Homework can be done at home at the dining table with the help of our staff or tutors if necessary. This takes place every day between 15:30 and 18:00. Accompanied by a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, their homework will be done in no time. Doing homework doesn’t have to be boring, it’s actually quite fun at Bas Bouwlust.