A biscuit and a cup of tea and your homework will be done in no time

Doing homework doesn’t have to be boring, it’s actually quite fun at Bas Bouwlust!

During the day the children are at school, enjoying the company of friends as well as working hard at school. Homework can be done at home with the help of our staff or tutors. The tutors will be called upon if our staff is unable to provide the proper explanation. This way we ensure that the child is proficient in every subject and will pass his or her final exams.

Our homework club provides the children a fun and safe place to do their work. Here they can concentrate on their homework in a calm environment. Aside from having access to all the necessary modern tools such as computers and the internet, they also provided with the guidance and supervision of our staff or the tutors.

We’re aware of the fact that doing homework is not always an easy task. Pupils perform better with proper supervision. Doubly so when it comes to doing and revising homework. Our tutors and supervisors help the pupils with planning, provide explanation for difficult subject matter and help with exercises and revision for tests.