A room in The Hague

There is space for twelve children in our roomy mansion in The Hague, all with their own room. The kitchen is the focal point of the house for both staff and children. It is connected to the living room and everyone who enters Bouwlust – be it returning from school, sports or a visit to friends – passes through it.

At around four o’clock we start cooking dinner and from that moment everyone stays to hang out and share stories of their day. The staff prepare the meals themselves and the children are welcome to join in. Both the children and the staff have a great time cooking together and preparing a wide array of ‘favourite’ dishes. The dining room is used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the evening the tables can be used for studying or for a board game.

Between 15:30 and 18:00 the children can quietly study in the living room whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit. Our staff supervises and lends a hand whenever somebody runs into trouble while making their homework. However, if our staff isn’t able to solve the problems the children are having, we will approach tutors who are. This way the children won’t ever run behind and this will make sure that they will pass their final exams with flying colours.

In the evening the children can do their own thing, practice a hobby, sports, sit in their rooms or watch a TV show with housemates downstairs. Every child has their own interests and pursuits; in and around Bouwlust are all the facilities to explore those interests to their heart’s desire. In Oegstgeest, Leiden and the surrounding areas there are any number of sports clubs, music teachers and dance schools (to name a few) for the children to choose from.

Staff is always present at Bouwlust, be it to spend time with the children or to help them with whatever they may need.

If you are curious and want to get an impression of ‘life at Bouwlust’, you can always visit. We strongly recommend seeing it with your own eyes!