A familiar place for expats

For many parents who work abroad (expats) with children in adolescence, our private boarding house ‘Bas Bouwlust’ is a familiar place:

Traditionally, we have offered the children of expats a safe and temporary home. For that reason, the staff at Bas Bouwlust aspires to recreate ‘normal family life’ as best as possible.

Bas Bouwlust is often not only familiar for expat parents but often for their employers as well. Many have longstanding ties with our private boarding house. Often the stay at our boarding house is (partially) made possible with a compensation made available by employers.

Additionally, we offer a temporary home to children whose parents feel that they cannot – often due to time constraints – pay enough attention to them.

A consequence of this can be that the children miss the necessary guidance and attention in the formative years of adolescence. This is often the case with entrepreneurs, managers and directors whose lives are dominated by work and often have to go abroad. We fulfil the role of family at home, for those parents and their children.

Aside from a temporary home, we offer ‘our’ children a homework club, a listening ear, a chance at self-reflection, a push in the right direction, a pat on the head, relaxation, sports, games, a laugh, good food and the much needed holidays to get away from it all. Basically what they’re used to at home:

A safe haven, a home with likeminded people.

Costs and benefits

A stay at a private boarding home involves a number of expenses: on top of the ‘normal’ costs – like for travel, stay, care, food, healthcare, insurances, relaxation, holidays and trips – costs are also incurred for homework tutoring. The homework club is one of the corner stones of the boarding house and for ‘our’ children due to the fact that in over 20 years of Bas Bouwlust  no child has ever failed their final exams*. From that perspective we can safely say we are very cost-effective. The costs for staying at Bas Bouwlust are compensated by the parents/employers.

*Of all the children that stayed at Bas Bouwlust and finished their high school in good health, not a single one has failed their final exams.